RocketShip is a children's sci-fi adventure featuring a little red rocketship called Red.
Red along with his best friends Rex and Holli travel the universe in search of people to save and help. Together, the team known as the "Rocket Rangers" journey across many adventures and Red learns what it is to be a true hero and a friend.

Boys and Girls 3 and up will love these full colour interactive storybooks, packed with
beautiful 3D Illustrations, animations, games, audio and narration.


Kindle versions of all stories are also available on Amazon.

Available for Ipad and Android devices.


The more you READ about him
The more you'll KNOW him
The more you LEARN from him
The more places you'll GO with him
- RocketShip

All About RocketShip
What Red Likes !

1. Red loves his father OMNI

2. Rex and Holli are his best friends

3. When you join him on his adventures

4. Fizzy Rocket Fuel

5. Rocket Ranger Comics

6. Helping and Saving people


7. Rocket Ranger Toys

Rocketship : Promo Advert

Get ready! for a high flying Space Adventure 

Join Red, OMNI ,Holli and Rex as they discover a Universe of fun

Rocketship Children's Picture Books, Audio Books and Apps....


Rocketship : Dark Side Of The Moon

Exciting 40 Page Children's Picture Book Now Available on Amazon

Rocketship Children's Picture Book
RocketShip Trailer
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